histoCAT++ is now commercially distributed by Fluidigm for customers using Hyperion Imaging System for Imaging Mass Cytometry


histoCAT++ software binaries
Download histoCAT++ (macOS only) (New version 2.3 – 04/26/2018. With bug fixes, compensation functions enabled, fcs export, better label system for tiles, and adapted for High Sierra)

histoCAT++ has been published in the Journal of Pathology! (Catena et al. 2018)
see article here

histoCAT++ manuals and tutorials
Go the histoCAT++ manual

IMCReader binary
Download IMCReader (macOS only) (IMCReader is the first-ever reader for IMC data, it is the precursor of histoCAT++, it can be used to open *.mcd and *.txt files.