Open positions

We are currently looking to fill several Master Student positions, with flexible starting date.
These projects are in the field of

  • Quantitative biology I: Simultaneous analysis of up to 100 markers in tumors using a new technology, called imaging mass cytometry [Link]
  • Quantitative biology II: Analysis of how tumor cells become metastatic
  • Computational biology: Computational analysis of signaling networks

Please send your CV and a few sentences why you would like to join our lab to Bernd Bodenmiller

We are always looking for excellent and motivated students/postdocs with a strong background in biological/biochemical/biomedical research or bioinformatics.

Prospective Ph.D. students can apply to our group via the Life Science Zurich Graduate School Zurich. Our group is a member of the “Molecular Life Sciences”, the “Systems Biology” and the “Cancer Biology” program. For computational students, we offer shared Ph.D. positions with bioinformatics research groups.

Post-doctoral candidates should be highly motivated with a passion for science and open minded for new ideas and approaches, with great interest in quantitative biology, single cell analysis and biomedicine. Our lab and collaborators provide an excellent and vibrant interdisciplinary environment, including systems (cancer) biology, biochemistry, analytical sciences, computer sciences and biomedical research. Candidates should have a demonstrated record of productivity during their Ph.D. studies, with highly visible publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Applications should be directly sent to Bernd Bodenmiller, including your CV, Publication List and a short paragraph with your scientific interests and what you hope to achieve during your postdoctoral time.