Cover article published in Nature Methods.

Our work on imaging mass cytometry is published in Nature Methods [more].

Forschungskredit University of Zurich

Denis Schapiro receives a Forschungskredit fellowship from the University of Zurich.

Cytobank user story.

Cytobank interviews Stephane Chevrier [more].  

Fanny Pelissier joins our lab as visiting scientist.

Raul Catena joins our lab.

Xiaokang Lun joins our lab.

Johanna Wagner joins our lab.

Blick newspaper

Blick newspaper

Bernd is highlighted in the Blick newspaper for receiving the ERC starting grant. 

ERC starting grant

Bernd receives an ERC starting grant on „Three Dimensional Single Cell Analysis by Mass Cytometry”. 

SystemsX Fellowship

Serena di Palma receives a SystemsX Transition Postdoc fellowship.

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