We got funding for a collaborative project

The project Breast Cancer MetastasiX is a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort involving five principal investigators from academia – including both biologists and clinicians – and three from industry. The participants from academic labs are Mohamed Bentires-Alj (FMI Group leader), Michael Stadler (Head of FMI Computational Biology), Gerhard Christofori (Basel University Professor), Bernd Bodenmiller (Zurich University Professor) and […]

Top 40 under 40

Bernd was elected as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” by the journal The Analytical Scientist [more].

Welcome Daniel Schulz to our lab!

Comment in NZZ article

The NZZ highlights a mass cytometry based study from the Nolan lab (Stanford University) and asked Bernd to comment on it. For more information read here or todays (01.10.2014) print version of the NZZ.    

Vito Zanotelli joins our lab.

James Wade joins our lab.

Hartland Jackson joins our lab.

ProteoMonitor reports on our work

This article reports about the latest developments of the imaging mass cytometry approach [more].

Review published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Serena Di Palma publishes a review on the field of mass cytometry [more].

Anne Heidenthal Prize for Fluorescence Research

In recognition of his work on mass cytometry and mass based imaging, Bernd receives the Anne Heidenthal Prize (sponsored by Chroma Technology Corp.).

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