HUPO Award for Clinical & Translational Proteomics goes to Bernd Bodenmiller

The Human Proteome Organization presents HUPO awards annually at the World Congress. These awards recognize the outstanding efforts and achievements of individuals (or groups) in the field of proteomics. Congratulations to Bernd!

Johanna and Vito won the poster prize at IMLS retreat


UZH Magazin Inside Cancer. What Precision Medicine Can Do

Many serious diseases which until only recently had been considered incurable can today be treated with some success. Thanks to precision medicine, it’s now possible to analyze and combat cancer with increasing accuracy. In our report, we take a look over the shoulders of the researchers working on the medicine of the future. read more: […]

Daniel got awarded for his poster at the EMBO Workshop in Les Diablerets

Daniels Poster “Simultaneous Imaging of Proteins and Transcripts in Single Cells in Tissue by Imaging Mass Cytometry” got awarded at the EMBO Workshop “Perspective on skin cancer prevention” in Les Diablerets, April 08-11. Congratulations!

Paper published

Congrats to Stéphane and Vito: the paper “Compensation of Signal Spillover in Suspension and Imaging Mass Cytometry” was published in Cell Systems. See more:

Welcome Esther Danenberg to our Lab

3rd SGMS Award goes to Bernd Bodenmiller

The SGMS awarded Bernd “a promising scientist working in Switzerland, for outstanding independent research in the field of mass spectrometry”. Congratulations to Bernd!

Denis awarded for outstanding doctoral theses

Denis has received a distinction for outstanding dissertation by the Faculty of Science on the 9th of December 2017. That means that Denis’ thesis was among the top 5% PhD theses awarded by the University of Zurich, based on a jury of international reviewers. Congratulations to Denis!

Nevena succesfully defended her PhD!

The subject of her Thesis was: “Comprehensive Analysis of Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition using Mass Cytometry” Congratulations to Nevena!

We are looking for a Postdoc in Biomedical Systems Biology at University of Zurich

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